Welcome to my home page

My personal projects are:

The Hunt - Turn based combat puzzle game for 8bit Atari.
RastaConverter - Graphics converter for 8bit Atari.
His Dark Majesty - Turn-based strategy game for 8bit Atari.
Atari800Win Code Profiler - Code Profiler for CC65 and MADS
Setllement - Roguelike strategy game.
Fur hunter (1KB Roguelike Challenge) - Roguelike game in 1KB with FOV!
Ooooorrrrcs! (1KB Roguelike Challenge) - Side-scrolling roguelike game in 979 bytes.
Permutaki 2D - Artifical Life Simulation. Neural Networks + Genetic Algorithms + 2D environment.
Permutaki 1D - Artifical Life Simulation. Genetic Algorithms + "Core Wars" with signal passing.
RoguelikeLib - Portable open-source library in C++ for roguelike development.
Xenocide - SF roguelike game in development.
Moon Defence - remake of the old Atari game (see also http://www.allegro.cc/depot/project.php?_id=1222)
API Guard - a kind of restriction FireWall, that supervises actions made by application on files, processes and registry (very basic, ring 3).
Roguelike Graveyard - the place for abandoned games.
AdomHack - How to add tiles to great roguelike game Ancients Domains of Mystery. Why it's hack? Look how does it work.
Roguedash - Boulder Dash as a roguelike game! :)
Bomberogue - Bomberman as a roguelike game! :) Smaller things I've written long time ago:
www.alamak0ta.republika.pl/jasno.zip - Resident DOS program to change brightness in DOS games.
www.alamak0ta.republika.pl/patchtyr.zip - Program that extracts hidden game "Destruct" from "Tyrian 2000".
www.alamak0ta.republika.pl/jd_chat.zip - DOS program to communicate (chat) through RS-232 (COM ports) written in 16 bit assembler.

Jakub DÍbski (debski.jakub@wp.pl)